EastLake Middle School 7th Grade

EastLake Middle School came to Camarena this morning to give an orientation to the 6th grade students.  Students are being sent home with an informational packet today.

Please turn in the green 7th grade Course Offerings form, yellow OLR/Household Form, and yellow Home Language Survey by March 11th to me.  The middle school picks up the forms from Camarena the following day.

There is an informational parent night at 6pm in the ELM Pavillion on Tuesday February 26th.  If you cannot attend, there is another one on Wednesday February 27th.

Students interested in Compacted Math (Accelerated) Program need to take a placement test.  The test is offered on April 15th, 16th, and 24th.  The time and specific location have not been announced, but will be posted on EastLake Middle School’s website.  It is NOT necessary for all students to take this math placement test – only students interested in the accelerated program.

The presentation used for the student orientation this morning is available here.

If you have any questions regarding 7th grade, it is usually best to contact the middle school.  I am able to answer some questions from past experience, but specifics are usually best addressed by the staff at EastLake Middle.  Their office phone number is (619) 591-4000.  The school counseling office phone number is (619) 591-4020.


Happy Tuesday, parents!  All the campers survived day and night 1!  They are having a blast.  Everyone is staying warm, and the counselors are very used to running the program with wet weather.  Just a reminder that I am here at Camarena this morning, so I will post more updates and pictures from camp as soon as tomorrow morning.  Today is the only day I will not be at camp.  Please join Homeroom to see pictures of the kids if you have not already done so.

Camp Information

For those of you that are unable to attend yesterday’s camp meeting at 3pm in the media center, here are the key points:

This Camp Marston Welcome Video will answer many of the questions you have about camp.  The camp informational packet has more general information, a camp store shopping list, and an equipment packing list.

Camp Store:  On the last page of the camp packet is the cost of items sold at the camp store.  Students can purchase 1 drink and 1 snack each day on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  They have 1 day where they can purchase souvenir items.  If you want your child to have money for the camp store, you need to give the money to me ahead of time.  I then put it in a separate envelope and give it to the camp.  The camp store uses the envelope similar to a mini bank account, and money is deducted from the envelope each time an item is purchased throughout the week.  If your child is planning on only purchasing small items and snacks, approximately $10-$20 is enough.  However, if you want him/her to buy a shirt or a sweatshirt, they will need more money.  Please refer to the camp store list for all item costs and discuss this with your child ahead of time.  You do not need to send any money at all.  This is entirely optional, but they do like to have a little money for snacks during their recess.  All money left over at the end of the week will be sent back to school.

Health History Form:  Please turn in this paper ASAP if you have not already do so.  The school nurse has to go through each form before we go to camp, so we want to give her as much time as possible.

What to Bring and Not Bring: There is a packing list in the packet.  Please make sure your child has a jacket, poncho or rain coat, and TWO pairs of comfortable sneakers.  This is NOT the time to pack new clothes or shoes – expect things to come home dirty!  It is important to send a refillable water bottle as the students use it all week long.  A small backpack is not a necessity, but it is helpful for students to bring on hikes to carry layers of clothing, a water bottle, sunscreen, chapstick, etc.  No cell phones or electronics are permitted.  Charging outlets are not available for student use.  I highly suggest disposable cameras!  Please show you child ahead of time how to wind it up and when/how to use the flash.  Do not send any money, valuables, food, or scented toiletries with your child.

Medications:  If your child already has medicine at school, that medicine will automatically be sent to camp.  If your child starts taking any new medications between now and camp, you can give the medicine to the school nurse the morning we go to camp.  She will be in the MPR with a big box of all medications going with us to camp.  The camp nurse dispenses all medications daily.

Letters:  If you want your child to read any letters from you while at camp, you need to write them ahead of time and give them  to me.  They will be “delivered” to the kids each evening during dinner.  Please write your child’s name, my name, and the day of the week you want your child to open each letter.  The kids REALLY appreciate these letters, and I encourage you to write at least 1 or more!

Room Assignments:  Students are given the opportunity to choose 3 people he/she wants to room with at camp.  The teachers will soon be making the room assignments based on these preferences.  The students will not know their room assignments until they arrive at camp.  Throughout the day and week they are in many different activity groups.  All they do in their cabins is sleep, so it is really a lot less important than the kids realize.

Communication: Cell phones are prohibited, and your child will not have any means of communicating with you during the week of camp.  This is scary for many of you – I know!!  I will be at camp along with the other 6th grade teachers and many, many counselors.  They are good hands!  I will be available by email if you need me.

Monday Departure: We will be meeting in the MPR on Monday at 8:15.  Your child should have ONE suitcase and ONE large bag (heavy duty trash bags work well) with all bedding items.  Please have EVERYTHING labeled with your child’s name.  Duct tape with a name written on it works well for  suitcases and sleeping bags.  Parents and families are welcome to join us in the MPR.  The bus will depart at approximately 9am if you would like to wave us good bye.

Friday’s Return: The bus will arrive back at Camarena on Friday around approximately 12:30-1:00.  6th graders have the option to go home if there is a guardian to sign him/her out.  All 6th grade teachers will have a class roster, and a signature will be required to release a child early.  If you cannot pick up your child early, 6th graders will be excused at 1:15pm.

Students Staying Behind: School will continue as usual for these students.  Mr. Morales will be teaching the 6th graders who do not attend camp on Mon, Wed, Thurs, and Friday.  I will be on campus teaching the group on Tuesday.

Behavior: Camp and all other 6th grade activities are considered a privilege – not a right.  If any behavior issues arise between now and February 4th, it is possible that your child will not be coming to camp.  While at camp, expectations are high and students have been sent home in the past for making bad choices.  I do not foresee this being a problem, but please talk to your child about doing the right thing and showing maturity and responsibility.  🙂

Camp Money Due Friday

Don’t forget!!!!  The money for 6th grade camp ($310) and all 3 camp forms (health form, permission slip, hoodie order slip) are due on this Friday, December 21st!!!!  Please pay in cash or a check maid payable to Camarena Elementary School.

Scholastic Magazines

We have a new resource that can be used for independent reading at home.  It is also being used in the classroom during guided reading.  The following 4 Scholastic magazines are listed in order of most rigorous to easiest to understand.  Students can click the link, log in with the shared password “camarena6” and browse through the latest issues or all issues (links at the top).  This is unlike Achieve 3000 because they do not answer questions or have their progress tracked.  I hope this helps promote a love for informational reading since students can pick and choose topics of interest.

Scholastic Upfront (Lexile 1000+)

Junior Scholastic (Lexile 800-1000)

Scholastic Scope (Lexile 700-800)

Scholastic News 5/6 (Lexile 400-700)

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